Cheering Balloon Stick

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Cheering Balloon Stick

Product Specifications and Technical Requirements:

Material: Polypropylene Size: 10x60 cm Printing: Silk-screen printing up to 4 colors in duplex on floor Packaging: Packing with two balloon cheering stick, pipette, manual Minimum Order: 1000 - 10,000 packages

Usage areas

It has been produced in crowded areas to attract attention and sound. Usually used places are preferred over time such as Stadiums, Matches, Big Opening Ceremonies.

As ONOK Plastik, we are proud to offer the cheering balloon stick product which will give entertainment to the entertainment of our valued customers. As a company; party, opening and entertainment products for all your organizations. With our customer representatives, you will receive an order notification; printed balloons, log-on balloons and promotional balloons.

Entertainment Sector Sales There are many organizations and events from small to large. Most of these are done in environments with crowded groups. In simplest terms, birthday parties and opening ceremonies. It is often the front plan to draw attention to such organizations. Therefore, entertainment products are used in accordance with the activity. Confetti, decoration balloons, foil balloons, floor balloons, sphere zeppelin, fly tube, road jewelry, inflatable tent entertainment are just a few of them.

Mass Sales Mass Entertainment Organizations organized for the community prefer products that will increase the noise level. At the very beginning of these products comes confetti. The reason for confessing at the beginning of the sine qua non for an important celebration or opening; all the guests who attend the activity are attracted by the loud noise they emit. The only negative side is; confetti product can be used for one time only. Therefore, in order to keep the organization's price high, either a lot of products should be provided or products that are not consumable should be preferred.

Use a Pay Per Bin Cheering Balloon Stick; resulting in a high intensity of attention, resulting in a maximum concentration of attention in the environment. Thanks to Cheering Balloon printed production; you can customize the organization or event you are organizing / participating in, and you can bring entertainment to a higher level.

Customizable Entertainment Balloon print is a business that needs a bit more attention than normal prints. The reason is; is the stretching of the balloon surface as air enters the balloon and the increase in surface area. Therefore, while producing printed balloons, the logo / emblem or other visual material from the customer must be well scaled and the surface area must be well calculated.

As ONOK Plastik, we carefully examine how the visual element is created before and during use, and during production when you have made print orders, and we manufacture accordingly. Firstly, the tests are carried out in serial form when the pressure on the products is close to perfect workmanship. Therefore, you can supply your printed or unprinted products with ease through ONOK Plastik.

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